Thanks to a comprehensive environmental management system, Lufthansa CityLine can steer and document its sustainability efforts.

Sustainability management at the Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa strives to maintain a balance between economy and ecology. Protecting the environment is one of the company's top priorities. The Group Executive Board is responsible for ensuring that all environmental protection tasks are fulfilled, supported by a dynamic team of qualified experts.

They advise and support the Executive Board regarding all matters of sustainability and environmental protection and report to the management regularly. The Environmental Commissioner is responsible for the Lufthansa Group's environmental management system. This also includes regular assessments of current environmental performance. It proposes strategies for environmental protection, defines goals and provides factual support in communicating sustainability and environmental issues. 

Environmental organization at Lufthansa CityLine

As a Group Company, Lufthansa CityLine is responsible for its own environmental protection efforts. With the introduction of the environmental management system, the company has created the organizational structures necessary for effective environmental protection. A management commissioner for the environment has been appointed to assist the management. He is responsible for the implementation of the system, provides the necessary resources and chairs the environmental committee. The Environmental Management Commissioner is supported by Environmental Officers and Environmental Coordinators.


The Executive Board is responsible for Lufthansa CityLine's environmental policy and executing tasks arising from them. The heads of the organisational units are responsible to ensure that environmental protection measures are carried out and documented within their area of responsibility. They are supported by the Environmental Coordinators and the Commissioners for Environmental Issues. Environmental activities and the environmental management system are monitored via continuous internal and external audits.