Canadian high-flyer

The CRJ900 by Bombardier has been in the Lufthansa CityLine fleet since 2006. It is the “great-grandson” of the original Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) which was launched in 1992. Lufthansa CityLine has been instrumental in the development of the CRJ series and was the world’s first airline to operate it. Since then, we have worked closely with the manufacturer and operated many jets of nearly all CRJ generations, including the CRJ100, CRJ200, CRJ700 and CRJ900. They help us connect destinations with limited passenger demand to the worldwide Lufthansa network.

Bombardier CRJ900
Length36.37 m
Wingspan24.85 m
Height7.51 m
Max. Cruising Speed860 km/h
Max. altitude12,500 m
Max. takeoff weight38,000 kg
Max. landing weight34,000 kg
Range*3,385 km
Cabin width2.6 m
Seats (max.)90

* with full payload