Airbus A321P2F

Lufthansa CityLine operates the Airbus A321PF on behalf of Lufthansa Cargo. The twin-engine Airbus A321F is one of the most versatile freighter aircraft in its class: Being able to carry containers in the main deck, it offers fast loading and unloading and therefore enables very efficient flight operations. It offers attractive same-day and eCommerce solutions within Europe and to selected medium-haul destinations.

Airbus A321P2F
Length44.51 m
Wingspan35,80 m
Height11.76 m
Max. Cruising Speed840 km/h
Max. altitude12,100 m
Max. takeoff weight89,000 kg
Max. landing weight77,800 kg
Range*3,518 km
Max. payload28,000 kg

* with full payload