Embraer 195

Our no. 1 on short and medium-haul routes

The Embraer 195 joined the fleet in October 2009. It consumes less than four litres of fuel per passenger on 100 kilometres, thus being a symbol for high efficiency, low emissions and a rather limited noise footprint. Flying on regional routes, the Embraer 195 is a really big small aircraft, featuring a high and wide passenger cabin for up to 120 guests.

Embraer 195
Length38.7 m
Wingspan28.7 m
Height10.6 m
Cruising Speed833 km/h
Max. altitude12,500 m
Max. takeoff weight50,800 kg
Max. landing weight45,000 kg
Range*2,450 km
Cabin width2.74 m
Seats (max.)120

* with full payload